PNPT Accelerated Camp


The PNPT Accelerated Camp is a structured training program that combines live instruction from industry experts with on-demand practical training to prepare students for the PJPT and PNPT exams. Included with your purchase is access to four days of live training, lifetime access to over 50 hours of on-demand video training, and vouchers for both the PJPT and PNPT exams. Registration is limited to 50 participants.


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In order to receive the certification, a student must:

  • Perform Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) to gather intel on how to properly attack the network
  • Leverage their Active Directory exploitation skillsets to perform A/V and egress bypassing, lateral and vertical network movements, and ultimately compromise the exam Domain Controller
  • Provide a detailed, professionally written report
  • Perform a live report debrief in front of our assessors

With this package, students receive access to the four-week PNPT Accelerated Camp which includes:

  • Weekly Live Training
  • Access to our PNPT Accelerated Virtual Labs
  • Exclusive access to the PNPT Accelerated Camp Discord channels, including a channel specific to your cohort.
  • One PJPT (1) exam attempt plus one (1) free retake (lifetime vouchers)
  • One PNPT (1) exam attempt plus one (1) free retake (lifetime vouchers)
  • Access to 50+ hours of course materials from TCM Academy, including the following courses:
    • Practical Ethical Hacking,
    • Linux Privilege Escalation for Beginners
    • Windows Privilege Escalation for Beginners
    • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Fundamentals
    • External Pentest Playbook

Please be advised, your computer must have the ability to run virtualized environments in software such as VMWare, VirtualBox, etc.

  • 8GB RAM
  • 256GB HDD
  • Up-to-Date Operating System & Internet Browser
  • Stable internet connection