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The Practical Junior Malware Researcher is a brand-new, one-of-a-kind certification focused on Malware Analysis, Research, and Triage. The PJMR certification exam assesses the mastery of the art and science of malware analysis. 

This unique exam experience will put the student in the shoes of an enterprise-level malware researcher who must:

    • Apply a wide array of malware analysis methodologies to document the technical details of malware samples.
    • Create a professional malware analysis report that documents each sample’s key technical facts.
    • Create detection rules based on malware characteristics.
    • Present a debrief to communicate technical findings.

Students will have five (5) full days to complete the assessment and an additional two (2) days to write a professional report. Students will then schedule a debrief where they will present their technical findings live with one of our accessors.



5 Days to Complete

2 Days to Write Report

Present Live Debrief

Intermediate Malware Analysis Knowledge
Strong Desire to Learn
Experience Reality
The PJMR Exam is designed to simulate the real-world experience of an enterprise-level malware researcher.

  • Analyze multiple malware samples.
  • NO multiple-choice questions.

Practical Junior Malware Researcher

PJMR Certification


Practical Junior Malware Researcher
Exam Voucher with Training


One (1) Exam Attempt


Lifetime Voucher


One Free Retake


Training Included

Get Started in Your Malware Analysis Journey

In addition to the lifetime voucher and exam attempt, students who enroll in the PJMR with Training package will receive the following:

Access to over nine hours of training materials from the Practical Malware Analysis & Triage course on TCM Academy.  The PJMR exam was built from the information and resources that you will find delivered in this course material, including:

  • Safe Malware Handling

  • Fundamentals of Malware Analysis

  • Advanced Analysis Techniques

  • Learn malware in multiple programming languages

  • Centered on practical labs that bring malware samples to bear in a safe, controlled environment.

  • Learn to handle malware safely and construct an isolated lab environment

  • Learn the basics of malware analysis on samples designed to teach you the core analysis concepts

  • Learn to use automated workflows and advanced analysis to extract key facts about real-world specimens

  • Learn the keys to writing detection rules and triage reports to tell the world what you have learned

To view the Practical Malware Analysis & Triage course please visit our Academy page here:


Step 1: Purchase the exam and register for a time convenient for you.

Our flexible registration process allows for students to register on a 24 hour calendar, so that they can take the exam at a time best aligned with their schedule.

Step 2: Take the certification exam.

Once your exam begins, students will have five full days of access to their own unique exam environment.  Once finished, students will have an additional two days to deliver a professional report.  Finally, students will debrief our team of pentesters with their report findings.

Step 3: Receive your badge and certification.

You worked hard for it and should be able to show off that hard work.  All exams come with a certificate of completion and badge.  These items can be shared by students, and verified by employers, through Accredible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a set-up malware analysis lab ahead of time to take this exam?
No, the exam environment includes a pre-built malware analysis lab that you can access through the exam VPN. All you need is the exam VPN file and a web browser.
Who can take the PJMR?
Any individual from any country is eligible to sit for the PJMR exam.  Individuals under the age of 18 years old must submit a Parental Consent Form prior to purchasing the exam voucher.
What are some job roles that this exam prepares students for?
Malware analysis is a critical skill in the cyber security field. It can be a stand alone job role in and of itself or supplement many different roles. The job roles include Malware Analyst, Malware Reverse Engineer, Security Researcher, Threat Hunter, SOC Analyst, Incident Response, Detection Engineer, and Adversary Emulation/Red Team Operator.
Does the certification expire?
No, the Practical Junior Malware Researcher certification does not expire at this time.
Does my exam voucher expire?
No, exam vouchers do not expire.
Does my training expire?
No, you will have access to your training for life.
Will I receive a digital certification?
Yes! You can view an example of those here.
How long is the exam?
The exam environment permits five full days to perform analysis on multiple samples, though you can complete the analysis ahead of time

You will have an additional two days to write a professional report and submit it to our team.

How difficult is the exam?
Everyone is different, however, we believe that:

If you are a beginner, the exam will be very difficult and we strongly recommend that you purchase the associated training.

If you are a junior malware researcher, the exam will be difficult and may require additional training.

If you are a mid to senior-level malware analyst, researcher, or reverse engineer, the exam will be of moderate difficulty.

Is the provided training enough to pass the exam?
Yes.  It was designed for student’s to pass the exam with the training.  The training is designed for students from absolute beginner to moderate levels and will teach you the skills necessary to be successful as a malware analyst.
Do you offer any discounts?
Yes! We are veteran-owned and want to thank you for your service.

We offer a 20% discount to current and former military as well as first responders (Police, EMTs, Firefighters, Nurses, Doctors, etc.), regardless of country.  We also extend this discount to students.

Please email with proof of first responder status, such as a discharge form, ID, etc. and we will issue you a coupon code to use on purchase.  If you are a student, please email us from a valid educational address or provide proof of current enrollment.

Is the exam proctored?
No.  We do monitor network traffic in the exam environment and have detection mechanisms in place for cheating in the environment and the exam, but there will be no proctor or intrusive software to install on your machine.
Do you offer printed certifications?
In efforts to stay green, we do not offer printed certifications.  However, our certifications come in a high quality printable format and you’re welcome to have them printed on your own accord.

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