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After you’ve experienced the real-world simulation of the PNPT, get ready for a real-world Job Application and Interview Experience with our one-of-a-kind Practical Career-Ready Professional (PCRP) Training and Certification.

Students will learn practical soft and communication skills that employers are looking for.  Combined with personal branding and stand-out skills that will get you noticed by employers worldwide.


To accelerate your career to the next level and become a Certified Practical Career Ready Professional, a student must:
    • Complete a One-on-One coaching call with your personally-assigned mentor
    • Complete 50+ Hours of Practical Network Penetration Tester™ Training (PNPT)
    • Pass the Practical Network Penetration Tester (PNPT) exam
    • Complete 6+ Hours of Practical Soft Skills Training
    • Submit a resume for review and approval
    • Submit a real job application to our company
    • Pass a Mock Interview with our technical staff

Additionally, upon completing your PNPT certification, you will receive a detailed QA of your PNPT report, providing critical feedback on the reporting process.

Beyond Technical Skills

Technical skills will only take you so far through your career journey.  The Practical Career Ready Professional Course and Certification from TCM Security was designed to look beyond the technical skills to develop well-rounded technology professionals proficient in business etiquette and communication skills.

    6+ Hours of Practical Soft Skills Training

    Resume Review & Assistance

    Employer Network Access

    Real-Time Mock Interview

    PNPT Certified
    Experience Reality
    The PNPT Exam was designed to simulate a real-world penetration testing engagement.

    • Absolutely ZERO flags to capture.
    • NO multiple-choice questions.



    Step-By-Step Guide to Success

    Start Here

    When you register for the PNPT + PCRP, you will receive an email to schedule your one-on-one coaching call to discuss your personal journey and gain access to the private PCRP cohort channel on Discord.

    Study for Your PNPT

    Complete the five PNPT courses(Practical Ethical Hacking, Windows Privilege Escalation, Linux Privilege Escalation, OSINT Fundamentals, & External Pentest Playbook) then schedule your PNPT exam.

    Pass Your PNPT

    Once you achieve your PNPT certification, all career-services students will receive a detailed QA of their PNPT report, providing critical feedback on the reporting process.

    Soft Skills Training

    After you achieve your PNPT you will then begin our one-of-a-kind Career services training, with over 6+ hours of training that covers topics such as communication, resume writing, job hunting, how to apply to jobs, networking, etc.


    Resume Review

    Next, you will apply the information you learned about resume writing to rewrite your resume and submit it to our team to review. We will provide feedback and recommendations for you to make final reviews and adjustments.

    Job Application Simulation

    After modifying your resume, you will visit our fictitious "Pasta Mentor" company to apply for an open job on their website. When you submit your resume on the "Pasta Mentor" website, you will be prompted to schedule your mock interview with our Career Services team.

    Mock Interview

    At this point, you will gather the information you've learned throughout your journey with us at TCM Security to prepare for your mock interview. During your interview, we will provide immediate feedback, followed by a more detailed interview rubric document from our team with additional feedback.

    Practical Career-Ready Professional

    Congratulations! Once you pass your mock interview, you will become a certified Practical Career-Ready Professional. From this point, our team will work with you to share your information with our employer network.

    Practical Career Ready Professional

    Practical Career Ready Professional


    Practical Career-Ready Professional • PNPT Exam Voucher + Training

    Become a Practical Career-Ready Professional through TCM Security’s career services training and assistance program. Once you complete your PNPT Exam, you will begin our one-of-a-kind PCRP training program. Designed to provide students with practical soft skills, communication skills, and personal branding skills to take their careers to the next level.

    With this package, students receive:

      • Career Services Training (6+ Hours)

      • Resume Review & Assistance

      • Real-Time Mock Interview

      • Access to Our Employer Network

      • PNPT Training (50+ Hours)

      • One (1) Lifetime PNPT Exam Voucher with One (1) Free Retake

      • A Detailed QA of Your PNPT report



    Exam Voucher + Training

    One (1) Practical Network Penetration Tester Certification Voucher with one (1) free retake is included, Plus:


    50+ Hours of Training

    • Practical Ethical Hacking
    • Windows Privilege Escalation
    • Linux Privilege Escalation
    • Open-Source Intelligence
    • External Pentest Playbook

    Exam Voucher + Training + Career Services

    Everything in the Exam + Training Package is included, Plus:


    Career Services

    • 6+ Hours of Training
    • Resume Review & Assistance
    • Real-Time Mock Interview
    • Employer Network Access


    Practical Network Penetration Tester™ • Exam Voucher with Training

    In addition to the lifetime voucher and exam attempt included in the standalone exam package, students who opt for the PNPT with Training package will receive the following:

    Access to 50+ hours of course materials from TCM Academy, including the following courses (click any link to view full course information):


    Step 1: Purchase the exam and register for a time convenient for you.

    Our flexible registration process allows for students to register on a 24 hour calendar, so that they can take the exam at a time best aligned with their schedule.

    Step 2: Take the certification exam.

    Once your exam begins, students will have five full days of access to their own unique exam environment.  Once finished, students will have an additional two days to deliver a professional report.  Finally, students will debrief our team of pentesters with their report findings.

    Step 3: Receive your badge and certification.

    You worked hard for it and should be able to show off that hard work.  All exams come with a certificate of completion and badge.  These items can be shared by students, and verified by employers, through Accredible.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Can I Upgrade to the PCRP if I already have PNPT?
    We will distribute coupons for students who have already purchased their PNPT voucher or PNPT voucher with training.
    You must email us at to receive your coupon.

    If you already have purchased the PNPT with Training Courses(PEH, WPE, LPE, OSINT, EPP) we will issue a coupon for $400 OFF the PCRP.

    If you have only purchased the PNPT Standalone Voucher we will issue a coupon for $300 OFF the PCRP.

    Can I Make Monthly Payments?
    While TCM Security does not offer direct monthly payment options, one of our third-party processors PayPal does offer a “pay over time” option that you may qualify for.

    We do not have any control over who is approved or denied for the “pay over time” option provided through PayPal.

    We are always looking to improve our process and hope to offer a variety of payment options in the future.

    Who can take the PNPT?
    Any individual from any country is eligible to sit for the PNPT exam.  Individuals under the age of 18 years old must submit a Parental Consent Form prior to purchasing the exam voucher.
    Does the certification expire?
    As of 04/17/2023, The Practical Network Penetration Tester(PNPT) Certification does NOT expire.
    Does my exam voucher expire?
    No, exam vouchers do not expire.
    Does my training expire?
    No, you will have access to your training for life.
    Will I receive a digital certification?
    Yes! You can view an example of those here.
    Can I use any tools I want on the exam?
    Yes.  The exam is a pentest and all tools are allowed. Including Linpeas.
    How long is the exam?
    The exam environment permits five full days to simulate a real pentest, though you can complete the engagement objectives ahead of time.

    You will have an additional two days to write a professional report and submit it to our team.

    How does the exam compare to other certifications?
    In short, it really doesn’t.  The exam was designed because the industry is lacking in practical certifications.  Some certifications are multiple choice and do not test a student’s technical skills.  Other exams are hands on, but are not realistic in time allotment or attack methodology.  This exam replicates a true pentest in both attack methodology and the amount of time permitted to perform the test.
    How difficult is the exam?
    Everyone is different, however, we believe that:

    If you are a beginner, the exam will be very difficult and we strongly recommend that you purchase the associated training.

    If you are a junior penetration tester, the exam will be difficult and may require additional training.

    If you are a mid to senior level pentester, the exam will be of moderate difficulty.

    Is the provided training enough to pass the exam?
    Yes.  It was designed for student’s to pass the exam with the training.  The training is designed for students from absolute beginner to moderate levels and will teach you the skills necessary to be successful as a penetration tester.
    Do you offer any discounts?
    Yes! We are veteran-owned and want to thank you for your service.

    We offer a 20% discount to current and former military as well as first responders (Police, EMTs, Firefighters, Nurses, Doctors, etc.), regardless of country.  We also extend this discount to students.

    Please email with proof of first responder status, such as a discharge form, ID, etc. and we will issue you a coupon code to use on purchase.  If you are a student, please email us from a valid educational address or provide proof of current enrollment.

    Is the exam proctored?
    No.  We do monitor network traffic in the exam environment and have detection mechanisms in place for cheating in the environment and the exam, but there will be no proctor or intrusive software to install on your machine.
    Do you offer printed certifications?
    In efforts to stay green, we do not offer printed certifications.  However, our certifications come in a high quality printable format and you’re welcome to have them printed on your own accord.

    Trusted + Affordable

    Practical Junior Penetration Tester Certification Logo


    Practical Junior Penetration Tester

    Entry-Level • Associate

    The PJPT certification is the first-of-its-kind entry-level penetration testing exam designed to test your internal penetration testing skills and techniques.


    Practical Network Penetration Tester™

    Associate • Intermediate

    The PNPT certification exam is a one-of-a-kind ethical hacking exam that assesses a student’s ability to perform a network penetration test at a professional level.
    Practical Career Ready Professional


    Practical Career-Ready Professional

    Prerequisite: PNPT Certified

    Certified PNPT holders can now enroll in our PCRP course to obtain practical soft skills, communication skills, and interview skills to become job ready certified.
    PJMR Certification


    Practical Junior Malware Researcher

    Associate • Intermediate

    The PJMR certification exam assesses the mastery of the art and science of malware analysis. It puts the student in the shoes of an enterprise-level malware researcher.


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