Active Directory
Hacker Camp

Follow along and learn how to hack Active Directory in this one-day live training delivered by professional penetration tester and instructor Heath Adams.

In this class, you will get access to virtual labs so you can follow along with Heath and get hands-on experience with the tools and techniques that real hackers use to find and exploit vulnerabilities in real-world business environments.


One-Day Live Training
9am-5pm EST
With Instructor Q & A


Online – Remote
Virtual Labs Included
Videos Included

Think Like a Hacker

This one (1) day class was designed and developed by Heath Adams to teach you the tools and methodologies that bad actors (hackers) use to find and exploit vulnerabilities in Microsoft Active Directory business environments.  Not only will you learn how to exploit Active Directory, you will learn the appropriate steps you need to take to remediate the vulnerabilities found to protect and defend your network.

Is This Class Right For You?

One of the most common tools to structure and organize users and computers in a business environment is Microsoft’s Active Directory.  However, Active Directory also happens to be one of the most exploited tools that hackers utilize to gain access to corporate networks.

This class will not only teach you the most common exploits hackers use to break into networks, it will also teach you the steps that you need to take to remediate and patch these exploits.

Who should take this class?

  • System Administrators and Network Administrators
  • Aspiring Penetration Testers and Cybersecurity Professionals
  • Anyone looking to advance their knowledge, skills, and methodologies

Whether you are currently working in an I.T. role or you are looking to advance your skills and begin a new career, this one-day class will provide hands-on experience attacking and defending Active Directory.


Students will receive 50 hours of virtual lab access with lifetime access to the pre-recorded training videos.

System Requirements

Up-to-Date OS & Internet Browser
Stable internet connection

Knowledge Required

Basic Knowledge in:
Computers & Networks
A+/Net+ Equivalent

One-Day Live Training Schedule

Live Session – September 16th, 2023*

Active Directory Overview

  • What is Active Directory?
  • Physical Active Directory Components
  • Logical Active Directory Components

Pre-Compromise AD Attacks and Defenses

  • LLMNR Poisoning Attacks and Defenses
  • SMB Relay Attacks and Defenses
  • IPv6 Attacks and Defenses
  • AS-REP Roasting Attacks and Defenses
  • Passback Attacks and Defenses
  • Inside the Attacker’s Mindset

Post-Compromise AD Enumeration

  • Reviewing common enumeration tools, such as: Bloodhound, Plumhound, Pingcastle, ldapdomaindump, and much more
  • Understanding common mistakes from an Administrator’s perspective

Post-Compromise AD Attacks and Defenses

  • Pass Attacks and Defenses
  • Kerberoasting Attacks and Defenses
  • Token Impersonation Attacks and Defenses
  • URL File Attacks Attacks and Defenses
  • GPP Attacks and Defenses
  • Credential Dumping Attacks and Defenses
  • Persistence Attacks and Defenses
  • Inside the Attacker’s Mindset – Revisited

AD Case Studies

  • Real case studies from real pentests AKA “How they got owned”

*Curriculum is dependant on class skillset and other varying factors.  Curriculum may change at the instructor’s descretion.

See What Our Students Are Saying

Academy Students

PNPT Certifications Issued




I attended the first PNPT Accelerated Camp in July 2023 and, as always, TCM Security delivered it in an amazing way.
The camp included new technical topics and how to gain an insight into them. The webapp section was completely new, including the labs. It’s worth mentioning that all labs were online, which means that I didn’t need many resources in my laptop to run for example the Active Directory section. Put it simple, it’s “plug and play”. I just downloaded the VPN file and I was ready to go!

But not everything was technical, our soft skills were also improved with professional advice from the TCM Sec staff. This will help us to improve our networking and communication skills, which will lead us to grow.

All in all it was a fantastic experience and I absolutely recommend it! It was pretty demanding, but the reward is huge! Hats off to TCM Security!!
A BIG thanks to all the team that made it possible!”

Omar Pedro Diaz

The PNPT accelerated course exceeded my expectations. The opportunity to interact with the instructors was undoubtedly the most significant advantage for me. Although there were instances where I felt that I had already covered certain topics, the new perspectives and additional insights I gained were well worth it. Despite some issues with the lab environment, the TCM team was highly responsive in resolving them, and I believe the next cohort will benefit from these improvements.

I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone beginning or midway through their PNPT studies. However, if you have already completed several TCM courses and are comfortable with the material, you might find the most value in the instructor interaction or if you had struggled with the course work on your own. Throughout the course, Joe emphasized that learning doesn’t end on the final day, encouraging us to continue interacting through the special Discord group and to reach out with any job-seeking questions.

Overall, this course has prepared me well for the PNPT exam and has given me the confidence to pursue the certification.”

Jacob Thompson

“I recently completed the PNPT Accelerated Course, and I was very impressed with the content and the quality of instruction. The course covered a wide range of topics, from the basics ethical hacking to more advanced concepts like AD penetration testing  . The instructors, Heath Adams and Alex Olson  are well-respected experts in the field of cybersecurity, and they did a great job of explaining complex concepts in a clear and concise way.

I especially appreciated the hands-on exercises that were included in the course. These exercises gave me the opportunity to apply the concepts that I was learning, and they helped me to better understand how Penetration testing works in practice. I also found the provided labs are very helpful. I was able to get help from other students and from the instructor when I was struggling with a particular concept.

Overall, I highly recommend the PNPT Accelerated Course to anyone who is interested in learning more about this important field. The course is well-structured, informative, and engaging. I learned a lot from this course, and I am confident that it will help me to advance my career in penetration testing particularly and cybersecurity generally.”

Mohammed Alaojan

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meet the instructor

Heath Adams


Heath Adams, also known as “The Cyber Mentor”, is the CEO of TCM Security.  While Heath is an ethical hacker by trade, he also loves to teach! Heath has taught courses to over 1,000,000 students on multiple platforms, including TCM Academy, Udemy, YouTube, Twitch, and INE.

Heath has held many certifications, including CISSP, PNPT, QSA, GSNA, OSCP, ECPTX, and eWPT.  He also holds an MBA degree.

Finally, Heath is also a husband, animal dad, tinkerer, and military veteran.

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